True Ghost Story: Gramma Attempts To Manifest

Location: Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“My grandmother and I were really close and you know how it is with a grandchild…you never want your grandparent to die. She was my best friend and I visited her every day. I’d seen her the day before she passed and told her that it was ok for her to go because I was going to be ok and it was time for her to go. You see, she’d been an active woman all her life and then at ninety years of age, she had a terrible stroke, which pretty much debilitated her.

Anyway, that night I went to work. It was weekend shift and I had to work twelve hours from midnight until noon. The night went pretty much as expected and then off to home I went. My plans for that day were to go to the flea market with my landlord however, I was exhausted and had no energy so I decided to stay home. I sat there for forty minutes not wanting to do anything but stare at the tv when all of a sudden I got this fantastic surge of energy. I got up and decided to start packing some more boxes in preparation for my impending move.

Well part ways through the packing, my Dad called me and told me that my Grandmother had died at exactly 12:40 pm…the same time I got all the energy to pack. I had a bit of a cry but I decided to continue packing.

I was bent over taping a box up when all the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I had been singing and thought maybe my landlord had come down for a visit. Looking up I found no one there and all of my animals were fast asleep. I went back to what I was doing and then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a leg appear beside me and then another one with it. I stood up and was looking at what appeared to be a newly formed ghost or spirit…they were trying to form but could only manage this bight fuzzy quality.

It was the same size and shape as my Grandmother and even though I knew it was probably her, that didn’t stop me from making one big leap to the other side of the room… was like someone had suddenly come up behind me and yelled boo! When I turned around, she was running down the hall towards my bedroom and I was picking up the phone to call a friend of mine.”

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