True Ghost Story: Haunted Bungalow

Location: Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“There was an elderly couple who used to live here before my parents bought the house. My father and step-mom bought the house because the widow died. As a result of his mother’s death, her son put the house on the market. Included in the sale, was a portrait of the woman’s husband which she kept hung over the bed in the master bedroom.

Neighbours are always a little unsure of whether or not to mention the history of the house to potential buyers. The former resident’s husband actually died in the house. He was walking down the basement stairs when he had a heart attack and died. He had the heart attack on the upper landing between the side door and the staircase leading to the basement.

He is a fairly friendly sort of spirit. He tends to help by turning off lights and checking up on us while we sleep. Unfortunately for my brother’s girlfriend, waking up to seeing someone staring at you hasn’t always been a good surprise! She was a little freaked after that episode.

I have come to think of most of the comings and goings at Dad’s place to be relatively normal. We have creaky stairs that you can hear people walking on late at night, a Cd player that will come on while we are watching tv in the living room, and a stove that will turn itself down so that you don’t burn dinner when you are home alone.

The odd thing is, this isn’t your typical haunted house. It was built in the mid to late 60’s and is a 3 bedroom bungalow in a fairly modern development.

Back to the latest developments:
My brother was house sitting home alone taking a nap when the dryer started a dry cycle by itself. No clothes in the dryer, no one home. He woke up in a hurry! Another time that week, his stereo turned itself off in front of him. I haven’t spoken to his girlfriend yet, so I don’t know the whole story behind the experiences yet (his girlfriend notices more than he does).

There’s no teenage energy around to have caused some poltergeist activity and no one’s been harmed due to anything that’s happened here. Most of the time, there are our familiars (friends and relatives that have passed as well as former pets) who drop by and check up on us.”

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