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A notification was sent to you last night regarding Collingwood historic building requests. This was sent in error. We have been redesigning our website and that page has now been deleted. We are currently accepting investigation requests in the Collingwood area for both homes and businesses whether it is a historical building or not. The correct page to request a paranormal investigation in Collingwood is https://coldspotparanormalresearch.wordpress.com/ghost-investigation-request/

True Canadian Ghost Stories will resume by early next week and you should receive a story soon. To submit your true ghost story https://coldspotparanormalresearch.wordpress.com/submit-your-true-ghost-story/

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Sagamok Ghosts: It Pushed Me Into the Darkness

Location: Sagamok (First Nation Community), Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Shania on Jan 31, 2014:

“When I was 12 years of age I stayed down stairs in the basement and I would sleep there sometimes. About mid-December I was sleeping and I heard a strange sound coming from the laundry room. So I opened my door and looked out. My dog started barking and I was afraid to go out but then I felt a push on my back that forced me out into the darkness. It was pitch black and I heard my dog barking so I walked towards her and fell. Some how the lights turned on and my dog went running out of the room with her tail tucked in. I was shocked of how scared she was so I followed her.

As I walked away from the light it turned pitch black again and I was afraid to go any farther. Once I got back to the room the lights went out again so I found a flash light and I put it towards the door. I looked everywhere for anything that could help me. As I looked towards the door I saw a shadow figure walking back and forth in front of the door and by that time I was home alone so I ran out with fear.

I found my dog outside with the door open and that night I wondered why did it come after me? Two days passed and I noticed the figure outside the window. I saw the face of it and it was someone I knew before.”

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Odd Ghostly Footage from Insane Asylum

Location: private/non-public
Type: asylum

This is a private case, and therefore we are only permitted to show the video footage of what appears to be “something” very odd. The location is at a reportedly haunted insane asylum known for its reports of ghosts and hauntings. We do not have permission to release which city or country this is in.