True Ghost Story: Old Hag

Location: Glenn Sutton, Quebec, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Hanna on December 12, 2009:

“Just out of Montreal, out in the country, up a dirt road was my Great Aunt’s house. Surrounding it is only a huge mass of forest. And at night it gets so quiet that you can hear the lightest breeze out the window. My sister and I were sleeping in the master bedroom with two separate beds, and already we were quite scared. Mostly scared of how quiet it was.

I fell asleep for a short time and woke up suddenly to see my sister shaking with fear and curled up in a ball. I didn’t understand at first, but when she got her voice back she told me that as soon as I fell asleep my body started jolting up and down as if I was possessed. My face apparently looked like that of an old Hag. She also said that a black mass was hovering over me, and all she could do was try to send it away. After a while, it did, and that was when I woke up.

We stayed awake all that night hearing strange noises in the hallway. Sounds of a little girl making a ruckus and laughing and giggling. We knew we were the only kids in the house, so we were sure to get blamed. However, those noises didn’t scare us as much as what happened before. Sure enough, the next morning our Aunt got extremely mad, saying she heard us laugh and run up and down the hall all night long.”

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