True Ghost Story: Little Girl Visits

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Location: Dorchester, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Steve on November 14, 2008:

“Shortly after moving into our century old home in 1992 our 4yr old daughter became more and more difficult to put to bed. She complained of someone in her closet. Now this wasn’t really a closet with a door, it was a partition which we kept her toys behind. I would have to go in her room and entertain my daughter by slaying all the monsters hiding in her room. One night while sleeping for some reason I opened my eyes, either to look at the clock or whatever it is
that we open our eyes for at 2:35 a.m. standing beside my wife on her side of the bed was what I thought to be my daughter. There is a window on that side of the bed. The figure was standing in front of the window so all I could see was the shadow figure of what I thought to be my 4 yr old daughter. I asked “what do you need sweetie?” she did not reply. Again I asked and again she did not reply. Once again, now a little more firm I asked “WHAT DO YOU NEED?” no
response. My wife who was asleep facing me was awoken by my questions. She asked what I said, I told her “she wants something and she won’t answer me”. She said “where is she?”, I said “standing right beside you”. Looking towards the window she replied “no she isn’t”. Still seeing this figure standing there I of course replied, “yes she is”. My wife said “no she is not” and waved her hand through the air as if trying to hit something. I then said ” turn on the light” she did and there was nothing there. After talking about what just happened and begging her not to have me committed, she turned off the light, there was nothing where I once saw this figure.

In the morning I looked at everything in the room to see what it could have been that I saw. Later I asked my daughter “what does that person you say is in your closet look like”, she replied “she a little girl and she’s playing with my toys”. I saw this little girl two more times in my bedroom, again standing beside my wife. I did not wake my wife either time. Instead I turned on my light and as before the figure would disappear.

Latter that year we renovated my daughter’s room, since that time I never saw the little girl again and my daughter never complained about someone playing with her toys.

In 2006 my neighbour was putting in a new septic tank. While digging they found an old concrete sistern. When they removed what they thought was the broken lid, the lid was actually a broken head stone . The first name was broken off, the last name was still ledgeable “DUNDASS”. Through some investigating my neighbour found that the Dundass family lived in his house and they had a daughter that had passed away. We are still trying to get a name and age.”

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