East Prairie Ghosts: Haunted By The Chief

Location: East Prairie (Metis Settlement), Alberta, Canada

Ghost report by Joshlynn on Feb 26, 2013:

“When I was a young girl I lived with my grandmother along with my mother and sisters. I was about 4 or 5 year’s old. It was always in the morning when this occurred. I would wake up early in the morning before my mother and sisters, and just play around in the room. Then one morning I was playing like any other day, then I seen an elderly man, standing slouched over looking in the window waving at me. Then I would wake my mom up and tell her, and she would say there’s no one out there. So I went on with my day. Then I started seeing this man every day in the same place, sometimes in the big picture window when we were coming home from somewhere.

Then one day I seen him sitting in the movie room my grandmother had set up at the time. Then I ran upstairs to my mom and told her I see him again. So she came down, and as usual she didn’t see him. Until one day she was doing laundry downstairs all by herself, then she heard a scary whisper behind her back saying ”get out ”. Then my mom stood still in shock and fear, and yelled for my aunt. And after that they believed me of what I was seeing. They said explain how he looks to us. I said he has a head dress, and dressed different from us.

So the hauntings continued for years, until we moved out. My grandmother decided to move out too. And many years later there was an Indian burial ground found under my grandmother’s house. And all these years later I found out I was seeing a Chief of an Indian reserve. They dug his grave up and he had a proper burial, and he was never seen again.”

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