Eskasoni Ghosts: Haunted Woods – ‘Tall Man in Black’

eskasoni tall man black


Location: Eskasoni (First Nation Community),  Nova ScotiaCanada

Paranormal report by Mare:

“I was about 16 years old at the time, I am 31 now. Anyways, me and my boyfriend at the time were at the Castle Bay ballfield with some of our friends on a Friday night during the summer.

We were going to meet up with some more of our friends on Beach Road; we had to take a trail through the woods (this is no longer there as there is now a school).

It was about 93010ish in the evening. My boyfriend had a Bic lighter. I didn’t have a lighter, so a close friend of mine let me use his Zippo, allowing me to see walking through the woods.

As we got a little ways into the trail through the woods, we noticed a very dark shadow in the woods, you could even hear branches of the trees breaking.

Assuming this shadow was one of the boys trying to scare me, we approached it and said, “Gday boys, taliaq (what’s up).” But they didn’t answer back.

We said it again, “Gday boys, taliaq?” Still nothing.

I got the most eeriest feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. I immediately asked my boyfriend, “Who is that? Why isn’t it saying anything, why isn’t it moving?”

I got so scared, the most scared I’ve ever felt.

I turned on the Zippo to see who this person was. When I looked up, I didn’t see a face, I didn’t see hair. All I saw was a tall, black shadow, wearing a trench style coat and a top hat of some sort.

I prayed in my head for this thing in the woods not to bother or harm us and to just leave us alone.

My boyfriend said in Mi’kmaq, “Jikali (go away), pu’naje’ou” (leave us alone). The shadow suddenly just turned around, didn’t say nothing, and walked away.

We turned on the Zippo again and we could see the footprints walking away from us, as though someone was stepping on the grass.

When we got out of the woods and onto the main road on Beach Road, I asked my boyfriend, what the heck was that?

He told me, “You know those stories about the tall man in black that walks around, especially at night?” I said, “Yes”. He said, “Babe, that was him.”

I screamed and just thanked the creator for helping us get out of the trail safely. I haven’t gone through that trail during the evening ever again.”

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