Cornwall Ghosts: Blue Light Travels Through Kitchen


Cornwall true ghost stories


Location: Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Holly on May 1, 2017:

“I was never a big believer of ghosts. I always looked for a logical explanation as to what could have caused these strange things to happen. But at the end of it all there is some things I just can’t explain.

I moved into this duplex in year 2000. It was me, my common-law husband, and his nephew. I was at that time pregnant with my first child. I moved into this place knowing that a man that lived there before us just a few months prior had tried to kill himself and was found hanging in the doorway of the basement bedroom. He was sent to the hospital and revived but then later killed himself at his mother’s residence.

The owner of the duplex who lived in the other half beside us would keep telling me that the place was haunted and she would see people in her house and hear people walking down their hall at night. I kinda laughed it off. But then some strange this started to happen to us as well.

One night while we had friends over and we were playing a game of Risk, we all jumped to the sound of a loud bang that actually shook the whole house. The guys all jumped up and started checking the inside and outside of the house to see where it came from. No one found anything. We were all confused but we started to play again and 10 minutes later the same thing happened. Even the walls and dishes rattled from the loud unexplained bang.

In another occasion, me and my husband’s nephew were doing dishes when a bright blue light traveled through the kitchen. And many times at night when we were downstairs watching TV we would hear a sound that sounded like a dog running around upstairs and his nails tapping the floor as he ran.

You would also hear things rolling across the floor upstairs. Kinda sounded like a pencil rolling across the floor. It was weird because if we would go upstairs there would be nothing there.

Then I was home alone with my son who was now about 8 months old. The guys were working midnight shift and I had put my son to bed. I went downstairs to watch TV. My boy had a Fisher Price train that had a one button push remote. Push once and the train went forward, push again and it went backwards.

All of a sudden the train started going across the hardwood floor all by itself. I was the only person there. I thought maybe the remote was in the toy box hitting something, so I went and searched for it and couldn’t find it. When I turned around I noticed the remote was on the coffee table. Nothing was near it. Again the train started moving on its own. I was freaking out.

But the final straw was one night we were all sitting in the basement watching TV. All of a sudden the lights all turned off and the TV went all fuzzy. My first reaction was the power went out but then quickly realized the TV power was still on but just every channel was fuzzy. The light switch for the basement was at the top of the stairs. I went up and turned it back on because somehow it was in the off position. Then our nephew asked, “Well how did the side lamp turn off?” I said I didn’t think it was on but he was convinced that it was, so I went to touch the bulb to see if it was hot and sure enough it was. That’s when I looked down and noticed that it had been unplugged from the wall.

How does a light switch upstairs turn off and at the exact same time a lamp get unplugged and your tv lose all reception? All at the exact same time? This was enough for me. It wasn’t too long after that I had moved out.”

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