North Bay Ghosts: Haunted House on 3rd Avenue West

North Bay true ghost stories

Location: North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Wendy on March 23, 2017:

“3rd Avenue West main floor apartment when you first enter into the door on the left side of the house. Not the apartment in front, but the one directly behind it located at the bottom of the stairs when on the right.

When I first moved in, it was my one year old and myself living there. Everyone who visited me had experiences there and many were scared off. I knew someone who had previously lived there upstairs, but she no longer resided there when I moved in. My apartment had a door off the kitchen going to the basement which the landlord allowed me to use to hang laundry to dry on ropes.

Keys were flying off the key holders hitting my guests in the face while on their way into the washroom which was off one of the bedrooms. The lay out was kind of strange but I needed the space as I was expecting another child.

My boyfriend at the time all of a sudden took a swing with his fists in mid-air and swore something grabbed him around the neck. Nothing was visible but he said he felt it.

We later broke up so I took in a border who claimed she was often being touched or could hear voices. She moved out. Another moved in and she had experiences of being touched.

My clothes would mysteriously vanish and one time my jogging pants somehow ended up in the kitchen sink with water and soap which I discovered in the morning.

One time I came home to the fire trucks outside the house. There was a fire in my apartment and somehow a pot of spaghetti was able to get onto a burner, turned on, and caused the fire. No one was hurt but three other people witnessed me taking the left-over spaghetti and putting it away. So how did it get onto the stove and turned on by it self I will never know.

My toddler became deathly ill suddenly and nearly died while living there. Two miscarriages occurred to two different tenants in the house in the upstairs apartment. My son was in hospital for weeks with a mysterious illness nearly taking his life.

My daughter came to visit one weekend and she ended up on the living room chair. I found her there around 5:00 a.m., she claimed a man carried her to the chair. There was no man.

When my second child was born he screamed day and night. No doctors could figure out why. My friends who were Native brought their child over who was a seer. They told me if anything was in that apartment they would know by her actions. She cried all night in fear, they claimed she could see evil spirits.

The lights would always flicker on and off and the landlord would accuse me of always leaving the basement lights on when I had not even been in the basement. I wasn’t even home that day.

I got fed up with this place. There was a mail slot on my wooden front door where the mailman would shoot the mail in to me. In the middle of the night I would hear three knocks on my door around 3:00 a.m. and no one would answer when I called out to see who was there. Only the mail slot would move up as if someone where placing mail into it.

I decided to send both my boys to stay with their grandmothers for a bit. Both boys’ health improved, so I decided to leave there and move away.

Years later while on Facebook I came across the lady who I once met years earlier who lived in that house in the apartment directly above me before I moved in. I asked her did anything ever happen while she lived there. She said yes there was an old man who often would be standing at the foot of her bed when she woke up, and things were often moved around and out of place.

I believe that house tried to kill my babies because when the doctors examined them both babies were sick and anemic, almost to the point of heart failure and for no apparent reason. So we decided to have my daughter examined as well cause she had been visiting on weekends. And she too, the same thing — iron deficiency.”

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