Toronto Ghosts: Punched By A Ghost

Toronto ghost

Location: Toronto (Etobicoke), Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Lorraine on January 19, 2016:

“Well gawd, where do I begin. OK, well, in 2000 my town house was built at Dun-Bloor. It was built on the old Michael Power school property on Resurrection Rd (good name for the street). Fun begins, let me tell you that house I believe ruined my marriage.

Right in front of the house is an Ontario low-income project called Mabelle Ave. My mother was relocated there and I convinced my husband to buy one of the town houses across the street so I could keep an eye on her. The house was still being built when something went terribly wrong…. My mother committed suicide in the year 2000, before my house was built.

By the time our house was built my mother was dead and I now had to live in a house that faced where she died. We were locked into a mortgage and it was out of the question for us to sell, so in 2001 we took possession.

Now for some reason I never felt alone and simply chalked it up to “my mother’s watching over me”, not so….

I would often find myself looking up at the staircase that led to the bed rooms on the second and third floor. The feeling kept growing stronger. When my husband went to work I’d stay down in the living room and stare constantly at the staircase, terrified to go up stairs until my husband came home from work.

One night my husband and I were getting ready for bed in the 3rd floor master bed suite and he layed down. I went into our bathroom to have a relaxing jacuzzi then I put on my pjs and lied down on our bed — husband in tow beside me. When all of a sudden I closed my eyes and felt something punch me in my head about 50 times from side to side. Literally I was getting boxed up both sides of my head full force. I couldn’t scream, just had to lay there and hope it would stop.

Finally when it stopped I confronted my husband and of course he was fast asleep and felt nothing. I wasn’t dreaming because I had just had a bath and just layed down. My goodness, my eyes literally just closed and this happened.

After that I was even more guarded about upstairs.

A few weeks later I was in our 3rd floor bedroom again and no sooner did I jump into bed but felt my two feet being pulled up straight. Then I felt something spin my whole body around so that my feet were now where my head was supposed to be on the pillow. My husband, who thought I was crazy, told me to go back to sleep and that I must have been dreaming.

The final straw was a few months after that. My husband was asleep and again we were upstairs in the bedroom and my lord didn’t I see a ghost of an elderly lady peeking out of my bathroom in our bedroom, not one word of a lie. She was wearing what looked to be a hospital gown, the type that is open at the back. This woman had shoulder-length grey, salt-and-pepper hair. She stood to be at least 6ft tall and had bare feet. Omg, she stood half way out of our master bathroom in our master bedroom.

I moved out of our master bedroom and stayed on the second floor in one of the bedrooms there. Still constantly having to leave my bedroom door open so I could monitor that stupid stair case I was so scared of. Needless to say, my marriage was in trouble after that.

You know what guys? After that I saw a man sitting on the end of our couch, knees held up in his arms rocking back and forth. Then I heard some deep voice say to me “heey now”. Also, separate occasion, I heard the same deep voice telling me to “stop it”. I was just loading the dish washer and I hate doing dishes any way so of course I don’t have to be told twice to stop it lol.

Bottom line, our marriage is no longer. I moved out of the house and he stayed.
Funny thing also I was reading the story about the Westmall blood and I too lived on the West Mall yet had no experiences there.

Since I left Resurrection Rd, me and my boyfriend now live in Mimico in a 3 story brown stone. And for some reason both my cats stare up at the ceiling crying or their eyes go right wide and they stare at the plain wall for hours following something. I haven’t seen anything but I did film my cat lying on the couch, and I think I captured an orb on camera. I saved it and still have it.

Mind you, I don’t feel threatened like I did when I lived in my matrimonial home on Resurrection Rd. Yet I can’t seem to shake the feeling that something followed me. Maybe it’s my dead mother who killed herself, who knows.”

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