Prince Albert Ghosts: Shadow Figure Came Through The Wall


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*The story below has also been featured in the above video*


Location: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

Ghost report from Moe on October 6, 2015:

“It was late 2005; I was living in Prince Albert when a friend that just came to town rented a house for himself. A few days after he moved in he tells me that the house is haunted and he won’t stay there.

Being a sceptic, I did not believe him. We even spent a few nights trying to spot it, but didn’t see a thing. Still my buddy insisted that there was a black shadow walking around and abandoned the house.

A few weeks had passed, but he still had the keys so we had a little party. Around one or one thirty, everyone decided to leave and go home. I decided rather then go home, I’ll just stay at the house.

My buddy strongly suggested I did not stay there, but I wasn’t afraid and didn’t really believe anything was there anyways.

So everyone is gone and I’m all alone. So I go to the bedroom. Just after I lay down, I start to hear coughing. I dismiss the unusual sound for somehow being able to hear the neighbors.

Then I start to hear someone walking around in the house. At this point I was scared for the first time in my life. I wanted to jump out the window when at almost 3:00 a.m. exactly, someone wearing boots comes stomping up the stairs straight toward my room, pauses outside my door, then through the wall a shadow of a humanlike figure started to form in the room with me.

I was frozen, but when I saw the shadow I sat up and looked away only for a second. I looked back and it was gone, and no more noises.

I lied there, unable to get up and leave, when my buddy came back to see if I was alright.

I never went back and my buddy cancelled the lease. But now I know there’s more out there.”

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