Lac Seul Ghosts: Shadow On The Floor

Lac Seul ghosts haunted paranormal Ontario Canada

Location: Lac Seul (First Nation Community), Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Phoenix on May 22, 2015:

“I was at a young age, living in a fly-in sub community of Lac Seul in the late 80’s before there was all road access. I had just come home from school and I wanted to see my boyfriend, puppy love as they called it. He lived in the other sub community of Whitefish Bay.

We were talking and butterflies in our stomachs because, you know, we liked each other a lot. Laughing and flirting a bit, teasing and talking about our day. I was lying on our couch, it was against the wall, my head hanging over the couch, giggling. My bedroom light was on. You know how the light shines onto the floor and the door frame shadows unto it? The light was a dim yellow because of the light bulbs we used. As the light shined, my head hanging over the couch, I saw a shadow of a head peaking around the shadow door but on the floor. I looked at the door thinking nothing of it, then I continued to talk.

As I did this the shadow head, shadow of a person appeared more. I could see the body shape, the shoulder and head. I sat up and looked towards the door. Thinking what was that? As soon as I sat up to look and looked on the floor then looked up towards the door frame, the shadow body and head moved back. Here I started to get scared, trembling to the point of crying. I was unable to move, scared to move to go and look in my room. My boyfriend said to me; “whats wrong? Your voice sounds funny”. I said; “I’m sorry but I got to go, call you back”.

I hung up. I stood up, shaking. I was a 8-9 year old kid. Scared out of my wits. I went to my bedroom, the air was kind of cool. Now that I think of it in my adulthood, it was cool, almost cold air.

When I think of this, at this point of time in my life, I want to know who visited me. I didn’t tell anyone of this, not even my parents or siblings. I only tell of it now that I am older.

I heard a lot of scary stories around our First Nation. I feel I am sensitive to Spirits. I saw this thing/ghost in our house. Now and again, I dream of our ‘old’ home. I know there are spirits everywhere.”

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