Ottawa Ghosts: Dark Apparition Staring At Me

Ottawa ghosts haunted paranormal

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Ruth on January 12, 2015:

“The first story I am about to tell happened to my mom when she was young (early teens). My mom was living with her parents and, like the animal lover my grandmother was, they had a lot of pets, mainly dogs. Well one night my mom got up in the middle of the night and was going to check on the dogs, so she turned on the hallway light and that’s when she seen this demonic looking creature. As soon as she seen it she ran back to her room which she shared with one of her older sisters. While she was just jumping onto her bed she seen that this creature had followed her. The next morning she took one of the dogs for a walk and out of nowhere at an intersection the dog ran into the middle of the road in front of a car. Mind you this dog usually never does this, he usually would look both ways. Not this time, it was like he was forced to.

My second story is one my mom and I experienced when I was quite young. My mom and I both heard banging coming from our basement. So my mom came to check on my brother, sister and I. My mom seen that I was awake and if I had heard the banging too, I said yes. But no one else was home except the four of us. So my mom grabbed the baseball bat, gathered my siblings and I as we went down stairs to the main floor. My mom told me if she yelled for me to run next door I was to grab my brother and sister and go next door and get help. As I looked out the door holding my sister her father began walking down the walk way. I told my mom he had just showed up and she began questioning him about what just happened. And to our surprise he said it wasn’t him, that he had just gotten off the bus about five minutes or so ago. So my mom and I being creeped out, as my mom found nothing in the basement and our windows were too small for someone to climb through in the basement.

Third story happened about a year after we had just moved to a new house, so I was about 15 at this time (I am now 22). Me and my step-dad’s cousin were up and messing around with my mom’s answering machine when I heard another voice come through. It wasn’t a voice either of us recognized. So when my parents woke up, and after my younger siblings had gone to bed, we told them what we heard and I showed them. So then we decided to try with the four of us in the room and that’s when things got really creepy. We could have sworn we heard my grandmother who passed the year I was born and my step-dad’s uncle. But there was also another voice but we didn’t know who. Eventually my step-dad, being drunk, started calling it on. When we went back to listen to the entire recording we could hear three voices that weren’t in the room. And only two which we recognized.

I kept hearing my name being called as well, and I have always been able to feel or hear, and sometimes see, those who have passed away. But this day was creepy and I heard my grandmother warn us about something. Not sure as to what, but something bad for sure. A few hours later I was sent to bed only to be awaken by an evil presence in my room right after having a horrifying dream. So I ran down stairs to the living room area where my mom had been sitting on the chair and I told her what happened in my dream and what I felt. She said she felt the same way. I eventually got up to grab a drink for my mom and I. Just as I turned my back to my mom she asked what happened to my back. I had no idea what she was talking about at first until she told me. The way she described the markings was as if I had been thrown against our coffee table we had at the time. I looked at my mom and said that is scary because in my dream I had been thrown against the coffee table. 8 months later we moved out, mind you my step-dad and my mom were no longer together.

Last and final story was when I was 16 years old. I had wanted to go and pay a visit to my grandmother at her grave so I just entered the Notre Dame cemetery and was starting to head to the back where my grandmother was. When suddenly this dark apparition was just standing staring right at me. Next thing I knew it was following me and I got a weird feeling to run and get out as fast as possible. So I started running for the exit and every time I looked back it got closer and closer. Still to this day I still feel that dark entity around when I am in some places or when I least expect it.”

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