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britannia mine british columbia ghosts haunted paranormal
Copyright 2015 Bonnie. Photo #435. Orbs, likely just dust
britannia mine british columbia ghosts haunted paranormal
Copyright 2015 Bonnie. Photo#436. Orb of light on male’s left elbow and shoe, interesting.

Location: Britannia Beach, British Columbia, Canada
Type: museum
Built: n/a

Ghost report by Michael on March 25, 2015:

“While working for the BC Mining Museum in 2006, I encountered a number of ghosts while working there.

The first happened in mid-May of 2006. It was closing time at the museum and one of the big draws was an underground train ride through our old mining tunnel that went under the old mill on the site. It was my turn to close up the tunnel which involved locking a large door at one end of the tunnel and walking through the tunnel to make sure no visitors were still in there and locking a second door on the other side.

I began my lock-up like normal, and locked up the first door. Upon walking about 100 meters down the tunnel to the first of three forks in the tunnel (the other two containing exhibits), I noticed a thick mist appearing all around me. I then noticed voices, many of them, some just whispers, other crying out “Help me”. It’s safe to say I ran as fast as I could to the other end. As soon as I passed by the second fork the mist and voices suddenly disappeared.

Doing some research on the subject, I learned that during that tunnel’s construction around 1917 a dozen workers were killed in an accidental cave-in at that first fork in the tunnel.

The second ghost I came across was a silhouette of a man that always appeared at the top of the huge staircase that lead up to the top of the old mill. I would only ever see him from far away, but he always appeared there and never moved. Occasionally he would startle other tour guides by standing at the bottom of the stairs looking forlornly up the staircase.”


On Oct 17, 2015, we received the two photos above from Bonnie. These photos are copyrighted.

Photo 435 has orbs, which we believe are just dust. We uploaded the photo so that you can decide for yourself.

Photo 436 is interesting. It has an orb of light located by the left elbow of the male. There also appears to be lights on his shoe, however, these could just be reflectors on his shoe. What is ideal about photo 436 is that there are also two lights above him that are just normal lights (not paranormal) which is handy because we can compare the non-paranormal lights to the unknown light on his left elbow. NOTE: Bonnie has just informed us (Oct 19, 2015) that the male in the photo is her husband. She checked his shoes and there is a reflector on the side of his shoe, however, there are no reflectors on the heel or bottom of his shoe.

Keep in mind that when we use the word “orb” we are not saying that it is ghostly in origin. Orb is just simply a sphere.

Bonnie sent us the original photos, so we were able to verify ourselves that there has been no photoshopping done to either of these pics, by checking the EXIF tags. We were also able to determine that both of the pics were taken with a Canon Power Shot SD 130Q IS. The shutter speed was 1/60 seconds. ISO was 500. Aperture was F 2.80 The flash was fired in both pics.

Thank you Bonnie for sending these into us.

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

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