Meldrum Bay Ghosts: He Walked Right Past My Bed

Meldrum Bay Manitoulin Island ghosts haunted paranormal

Location: Meldrum Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada

Ghost report by Dawnmarie on November 7, 2014:

“I live in an old home in Meldrum Bay from the mid to late 1800’s. There is loads of activity at different times, such as banging, walking, cups moving, scents, and orbs.

I was in the down stairs bathroom and heard the wood stove door open and the poker pushing the coals around. So I figured ‘oh good my sister is up’ as she always tended the stove and gets the coffee on. I went into the dining room where the stove is and kitchen and no one was there. I went looking for my sister and she was in bed sleeping!

I have had little ones climb into bed with me. Also had a cat jump on my bed, couldn’t see it, yet felt it! I have seen the apparition of our missing cat.

One night I heard the basement doors open, and heard someone on the stairs coming up, then up the main floor steps and into my room. A black silhouette of a man, he walked right past my bed and stopped at the window. I just said ‘get out’ and turned my head away and went back to sleep lol. I should have asked who he was and why he was there. I never felt any emotions, no fear no nothing.

I have awoken in astral mode not realizing I’m in astral mode and was heading to the bath room. And around the corner came these beings, two females chitter chatting and one male. The male followed me into the bathroom and he knew what was going on because he walked to the wall and faced it. As I was to sit he looked over his left shoulder and I motioned with my finger to turn around. Again I walked out and went back to bed. I need to be more vocal and not be the watcher and start asking questions. I was told they were 12,000 year old gnomes and are 4 feet tall!

Recently I heard someone make a sound like a poker hitting the stove really loud when I was playing my music and heard the basement door open and close. No one there, guess they didn’t like Bruno Mars 🙂 Oh well, my house don’t like it get out lol.

I have many happenings here over the 28 yrs I have lived here. I am opening more and more and working my senses in mediumship and am seeing loads of fast pics coming at me. One confirmed, a long time friend friended me on Facebook and they had a pic on their profile of a man and woman in red. The fast pic I saw was a man and women in red outfit. They were a band so pic confirmed and that was within a week of seeing it!

I have many other happenings and I am sure many more to come!”

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