Rycroft Ghosts: His Clothes Were Torn Up And Bleeding

Location: Rycroft, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Peg on February 12, 2015:

“I am a ghost magnet. I have three stories to tell.

When I was small my family had lots of land but little money so the community came together to help provide a home for us. An old hall and an old church were torn down for lumber to build our house. My family grew up with tea pots that brewed on their own, dishes that floated from cupboard to sink. And Jimmy. He was invisible to our parents and knew how to play pranks by hiding things. We would watch him shred a suit in the closet without anyone near. When my sister was born he decided the place was crowded and left.

As a teen my brother and I often helped on neighbors’ farms to get the harvest in on time. One neighbor had built a home on the property that used to be school land. No other building was ever built there. Shortly after construction was finished an old man was often seen in the yard. The neighbor paid no attention to this as there were older people in the area who would often walk fences looking for breaks. One day the owner was surprised to find an old man in his kitchen and called to him, asking if he would like to stay for coffee. The old man turned around and the neighbor saw that the man’s clothes were all torn up and bleeding and the old man disappeared. Later we found out that many years previous, a man had disappeared when he was out hunting a bear that had attacked his cows. This event happened in Blueberry Mnt. community.

Shortly after my divorce I bought a trailer that had been listed as non-habitable by the town. The previous owners had been known drug users and the place was trashed. As I renovated and brought the place back up to code there was a series of odd events. The front door would open and close on its own. I changed the door frame and installed new locks, it still opened and closed on its own. I did not own a dog and yet dog food dishes would keep appearing near the back door and neighborhood dogs would often run up to the door after it opened by itself as if to greet someone only they could see. When I moved into the place I chose the larger bedroom. After a few weeks I moved to the other one because the room would suddenly get cold, even in summer. I would often awake in the middle of the night because the living room rug would be thrown at me while I slept. Canned food would get moved in my kitchen and the stove would turn on by itself. Always the burner on the right. I found out that a young man had overdosed in the house and that burner was the one he had used to heat knives with. There is more to this story, but it makes me sad to tell it. I sold the place and the new owner has had similar experiences. She is a senior and owns a dog, she says she does not mind sharing with a ghost.”

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