Topsail Road – Haunted St. John’s Database


Location: St. John’s, NewfoundlandCanada
Type: road
Built: n/a

Ghost report by Ron on December 11, 2014:

“My brother had a fly tying kiosk in Sobey’s Square about the year 2000. And at the same time I had a cheap office on Kenmount Road, also for tying flies. One evening at dusk, I left my brother’s kiosk to go to my office. The best route is out Topsail Rd and up over Walton’s Mountain. Just up the road from the square, there is a school, Mary Queen of the World, I think — a school I had driven by a thousand times before. You know that feeling, just another place that you hardly take notice of.

As I approached it there was a cross walk, with someone starting to cross from my side of the road and to the school side. So I stop my car and let the person cross. When the person reached the sidewalk they simply vanished into thin air. There was nowhere for the person to hide, as there is just the huge parking lot for the school.

Kinda shocked, I looked to my right. And again another place one hardly notices, as ya pass by oh so many times, a graveyard. Just exactly before the graveyard there was (they are gone now) two concrete pillars, and a walkway going up through and between the two pillars. This is directly where the cross walk was, and still is today.

I never just seen the image, I reacted to it. I stopped for it and let it cross on the cross walk. I have always wondered – what the %$#^ did I see? It is one of those things in life ya never forget.”

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