Quebec City Ghosts: Buzzing Ball of Light

Location: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Note from Michelle McKay: This is a really interesting story. It isn’t your average “ghost” story, although it could quite possibly be a UFO — or something in between. This reminds of the Walkerton incident that Uncle wrote about in his UFO files. It also reminds me of the time when I saw the Spook Light in Oklahoma/Missouri. And it also reminds of the “bear walkers” that the Aboriginals on Manitoulin Island told me about. 

The following report was sent into our website by Jay on November 7, 2014:

“It was evening in Québec City, the sky was dark and cloudy, the ground was very foggy and the air felt very crispy .

I had been walking all over the city that evening with my trusty and elegant lady friend Lauryanne. We had just passed an area with many people and tourists who were shopping and dining in restaurants. As we made our way through all the noise and commotion we came upon a very quiet street. It was so foggy I could barely read the street name. As I read the name of the sign in my head I felt a rush of cold over me . As that happened, the full moon pierced through some dark clouds lighting the sky, but with all the fog on the ground we could barely see anything.

We decided to go get a bottle of red wine to drink by the cannons where the high part of the city overlooks the basse-ville, walking distance from the Chateau Frontenac and near most other tourist attractions.

As we sat getting quite drunk off the bottle of red wine, talking about our favorite 60’s cult figures and plastic toys from the golden era . A scream was heard in the voice of a man saying ‘ C’est ici , C’est ici ! ‘ I didn’t understand what that meant, I thought someone was in trouble. We looked around and saw nothing. Suddenly it became ice cold around us but warm everywhere else. A bright orange light appeared about 4 feet away from us, floating free in thin air. We couldn’t see through it and it was round — about the size of a basketball.

I asked Lauryanne if she sees this object in front of her, she said ” why yes of course i do” and she took out her camera to take a picture. In the picture you can see the lights from buildings below and street lamps, but no sign of the glowing orange light ball. As I reached to put my hands on it, it made a noise and again sounded human saying ‘ c’est partie , c’est partie ‘ and as we grasped each other in fear of this strange sighting, to our complete shock! The orange light ball quickly shot up into the sky as high as the stars it seemed making a high-pitched buzzing noise then flashing 3 times, red, orange, white . Then disappearing!

We reported the sighting to the police car we saw parked nearby and the officer laughed at us. I asked Lauryanne if she thought I was crazy, she said ‘ yes you are sometimes but whatever that thing was I saw it too! ‘.

To this day we believe the sighting to be a Ghostly Encounter as it showing off what it could do, perhaps it’s was a light orb , or a UFO. Whatever it was, it was a paranormal phenomenon.

Some others who reported seeing it say maybe it was just a reflection, but we are convinced that this was an encounter of the third kind . A ghost stuck in another dimension.

Quebec City is and forever will be haunted by the ghost of the orange spirit orb.”

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