New Melle Ghosts: Widow’s Husband Hangs Around

Location: New Melle, Missouri, USA

The following report was sent into our website by Thomas on Sept 24, 2014:

“This is a bit of a strange haunting. I have not mentioned any names so that the people involved can remain nameless, and to protect their collective privacy. This story is about a tragic death and the spirit who chose not to move on to the other side.

The haunting started almost immediately upon his death. He visited his widow as she sleep that night, saying he was sorry and would watch over her and their two children.

After a period of grieving, this woman started to date again.

The first poor man she dated was going to spend the night. When he went to sleep, he was awakened by a violent shaking and he felt a cold wind rush over him. The man sprang from the bed and the spirit’s widow asked what was wrong. The man told her what had happened as he hastily got dressed and left. He never came back.

A few years went by and the widow remarried. There were no incidents the entire time they dated. However, when they got married it all started again. This time the widow’s husband was showing himself to the new husband. He would manifest into a shadow form and rush the new husband. This frightened the man so much he left his new wife and filed for divorce. I would like to see the divorce papers. Irreconcilable differences due to paranormal activity sounds about right.

This is where I come into the story. I started dating the widow, now a divorced woman a little before she was divorced. We always were at my apartment so everything was fine at first. Then I started to stay at her home every once in a while. That is when the activity started.

The first night I stayed over, I was awakened by a rush of cold air. I looked up to see no one there. I did not think much about it and went back to sleep.

A few weeks went by and I was painting the kitchen. As I was painting the wall, a green orb floated in front of my face. I got really cold and all the hairs on my body stood up. I stopped and said “if you want to help, grab a brush. If not, do not bother me right now.”

I finished painting and was not bothered again for a day or two. I was walking down into the basement and felt someone shove me from behind; I only slipped down the remaining steps and when I looked back, I saw the shadowy outline of a figure that just simply faded away.

The following day I was taking a nap on the couch when I was violently pulled by the arm and landed on the floor. I did not see anyone or anything this time. There was no one home at the time except myself.

I was never afraid of the ghost, it seemed the more I interacted with it seemed to lessen the activity. Maybe he just gave up or maybe he decided that I was not such a bad person after all.

The widow’s ghost never did succeed in breaking us up. We just wanted different things in life and went our separate ways.

She has remarried and has since moved out of the house. I have always wondered if her deceased husband followed her, or did he stay behind in the house that he built himself. I have always wanted to visit the house to see if the new owners are experiencing any paranormal activity. Nevertheless, how do you knock on a stranger’s door and ask if they are being haunted?”

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