Tupper Lake Ghosts: The Spirit Walked Around the Car

Location: Tupper Lake, New York, USA

The following report was sent into our website by Robert on Feb 6, 2014:

“We rolled up to a secluded cemetery in a backwoods road around 7 P.M. The paranormal group I was with, The Adirondack Society for Paranormal Research, was trying out new members, and we’d always heard about a cemetery where a family had been murdered by an enraged father. Needless to say, we didn’t find it, but we did come across one that was rather quaint.

It was boxed in by trees on four sides. There was a considerable distance between the open drive and the grave stones. There was nothing but green grass for two hundred feet before the green met the gray of stone. Stones were arranged in lines that went on for about a football fields length.

When we got out of our group leader’s red Pontiac Sunfire, something felt different. We pulled out our equipment, turned it on, and immediately we started to get spikes on our EMF detectors. The readings dissipated before long, and we set out in groups of two and three to investigate the grounds.

Two hours into the investigation, we had nothing. False positives revealed themselves in cooling gravestones left over from the day; that left temperature reading devices out. EMF scans and EVP sessions revealed nothing all throughout the cemetery. But, every now and then, a group would return to the car.

The car always seemed to be bustling with spikes, so a group I was in with one other investigator went back to the car. We got out our meters, turned them on, and proceeded to follow a spirit around the car. The spirit walked continuously; when the readings would decline, we would move forward, and it would pick right back up again.

We followed for a good ten minutes before we decided on a spirit box session. I ran to the investigator who had it, notified him of the situation, and returned to the car. We turned it on and asked questions. “What is your name?” “Were you a veteran of war?” “How long have you been here?” “Do you know you’re dead?” Every time we got a response, though most of the time, we couldn’t make out what the spirit said. A voice recorder was placed nearby, and it captured the entire conversation.

We ended the spirit box session, packed up shortly after that, and went home. The next morning I reviewed the evidence. Aside from a few EVP’s in response to direct questions, the spirit box session was a little easier to make out. After a few playbacks, we learned that the spirit’s name was Jeff. That he was a veteran of WWII, and that he knew he was dead. We cataloged all the evidence, and marked it as some of our best since forming.

One question always kept us wondering, though: why was Jeff so interested in the car? He seemed to be infatuated with it to an extent, always walking around it.

About a month later, our group was taking part in an open house with the local chamber of commerce to get our name out there. The team later gave me a follow up on Jeff. It was revealed that a man named Jeff had hung himself in the vicinity of the cemetery, near the end of the road that lead past the cemetery. And the reason he was interested in our car, we learned, was because his daughter had the same and exact make and model.

I consider this to be the best case I’ve ever been a part of. It still gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. Not the creepy kind, but the kind that confirms what we do. That losing a corporeal form isn’t the end of all things. We endure, and we remain in many cases.”

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