Mackenzie House in Toronto – Haunted Toronto Database

Location:  TorontoOntarioCanada
Type:  museum
Built:  circa 1859

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During the winter of 2003, Cold Spot Paranormal Research™ conducted an investigation at the Mackenzie House. Some of the more popular reports of paranormal incidents at this location are:

  • a hangman’s noose seen dangling over the stairway
  • taps turning on by themselves
  • a toilet flushing by itself
  • the piano playing on its own
  • the ghost of a male, completely bald with ‘side-whiskers’
  • a female spectre with long hair that hangs around her shoulders
  • the printing press operating on its own
  • a rocking chair rocks on its own
  • the sound of footsteps heard on the stairs

William Lyon Mackenzie used to live in this house. He was the first mayor of Toronto, and was later declared a traitor for leading the 1837 Upper Canada Rebellion. He was also a newspaper editor. Even though Mackenzie died in August of 1861, the first report of activity at this location wasn’t until 1960.

“the most celebrated haunted house in Metropolitan Toronto and perhaps in all of Canada” — John Robert Colombo, renowned author

If you look at the above photo of the daughters’ bedroom, you will see what looks like an ‘orb’ in the center-right top portion of the photo. Along with what appears to be the “orb’s” shadow on the wall. We believe this is likely due to reflection from the mirror, which can be seen to the left of the fireplace in said photo. The question is, though, is Mackenzie House in Toronto haunted with ghosts? Well, we did not witness anything unusual during our investigation. Which only means that nothing occurred while we were there. However, at any rate, we will leave you with this author’s words, which we feel best sums it up:

“And while the ghost of Mackenzie may or may not inhabit the house, we believe that his spirit can still be found there.” — Chris Raible

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

If you have experienced any activity at Mackenzie House, or at any other location anywhere else in the world, please tell us about it here