Haunted Campus Library

Location: Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“One of the spirits that I was lucky to come into contact with was that of a former faculty member at the particular university I attended. This spirit was seen, heard and felt in the campus library. He was a rather helpful sort if you happened to be stuck looking through books relating to English essay topics in the campus library.

Now this library was a fairly typical one as libraries go, other than the fact that it is sinking into the ground at the rate of 1 1/2 to 2 inches per year thanks to some ingenious engineers who failed to take into account the weight of the books that would be occupying the six floor building. The building dates back to the 1960’s when the university originally opened as a technical college. The cornerstone on the library building lists 1969 as the date it was built.

The spirit in the library is a male roughly between the ages of 40-60.

This spirit would actually make you work for a bit before helping you though. One experience with this spirit (which happened 3 years ago) involved looking through outdated copies of literary reviews for such publications as the Quill & Quire and American Weekly. A bunch of students and myself were looking for articles relating to an essay that we had to write for a particular English class that year.

By the time I had located a volume with info about my topic, my classmates had already left. I was one of about 3 people left on the floor. The other two people inhabited study carols across the room from where I was looking for books. At this point, I had been in the library for about 2 hours and was getting bored and frustrated as I was not finding a lot of books containing articles to support my point of view.

I found one volume which contained an article that sort of related to my topic in a rather vague way and walked to the photocopier to copy it. There were a few books piled up beside the photocopier left by other students. As I was copying my article, the pile of books fell over opening two of them to other articles that exactly matched the topic that I was researching.

I thought that it was an odd coincidence and thought no more of it. I picked up the two books photocopied the articles and re-piled them. I then returned to the row where I had found the book which I had originally meant to copy from and re-shelved it, only to find another volume on the floor open to yet another article.

About a week later, I was talking to some friends in one of my other classes about the experience in the library and they mentioned some other things that they had felt.

When you first enter the library, there are reference stacks from which someone always seems to be watching you. This has been noted by at least 20 other people at different times of day and night. The library is generally open from 10am till 11:30pm five days a week and various other hours on weekends.

The experiences with the books falling off of shelves and feeling like you’re being watched generally happen on the fourth floor. This same spirit also tends to appear on the main floor near the reference desk.

To my knowledge, there have not been any deaths in that particular building. I have spoken to other people who have worked at the university but who were reluctant to expand on the name of that particular person who hasn’t quite left the building. To most of the university community, he is there but not to be spoken of in order to avoid scaring would be students.”

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