The Mankato Curse in Minnesota – Haunted Minnesota Database

Location: MankatoMinnesota, USA
Type: river valley
Built: n/a

The following report was sent into our website by Shae on Oct 6, 2013:

“The Mankato Curse is real. This town in south central Minnesota is possessed by hundreds of evil spirits and demonic souls that could not enter Heaven’s gate since they cheered and enjoyed the unfair execution of 38 innocent Native Americans in 1862.

There were many sadistic spectators on the cold December day when these Indians were mass executed. According to mediums and psychic detectives, many of the Europeans settlers who enjoyed the execution of the Indians were not allowed to ascend to heaven and their poisonous souls now roam freely along the Minnesota River valley.

Every year someone is murdered in the river valley in a very bizarre way by someone who is possessed by a demonic spirit. If you do not believe me read the many articles on the Mankato’s Free Press newspaper about the strange murders that happen there every year.”

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