True Ghost Story: The Face

Location: small southern town, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Dawn on July 23, 2013:

“Well, this story goes WAY back to my childhood years. I was 5 years old playing hide-and-seek with my siblings in our old concrete basement. The lights were shut off and I hid beside an old cupboard that used to be in our kitchen; my Dad put it in the basement to use as a future project. Anyways, there I was hiding and trying my hardest not to make a peep. I felt like someone was staring at me so I turned my head and looked to the left. There beside me was this face. This wasn’t an average looking face. It had sunken eyes, a very narrow yet strangely long shaped head, jagged teeth with it’s lips curled into a sly smile. The color was abnormal, not your regular peachy olive tone. It was a redish brown with lots of bone definition. I screamed and started crying so loud and hard. My entire body was shaking and I couldn’t catch my breath. My big brother ran and turned the lights on, and my mom ran down stairs. I remember everyone asking me what happened and I was too embarassed and scared to even mention it. I simply said, “I saw a face.” My baby sister, who was two years younger at the time, remembers that night just as well as I do. She was hiding under a coffee tabke in plain view of the spot I was hiding in. She remembers seeing something as well, and we often talk about it to this day. I know this sounds too crazy to believe. I always thought I was insane until one day.

I was pregnant with my son and living in a basement suit right across the street from the house I saw the “face” in. A close family member lived upstairs with her family. She is also a well known medium. Everynight I would sit outside and relax. I always thought I was seeing this because everynight I would also see these aparations/demonic figures in the back yard. They would always have the same smirk on their faces but would never come too close to me. I would just watch them and they would watch me. They were definitely demonic but with a slight human resemblance. I mentioned these sightings to me spouse numerous times and he always thought I was just insane.

One night I was standing in the kitchen watching my spouse make dinner. I was standing there and saw a face in the window about the sink. I looked again and it was gone. All of the sudden I felt someone blow in my ear and at the same time it was mumbling something to me. I know it wasn’t wind because it was in the middle of winter and all the windows and doors were closed and locked. I started hyperventilating and crying frantically. After about 10 minutes of my spouse trying to calm me down I described what happened to him. I even drew out a picture and made it my mission that night to bring the drawing to the lady upstairs. I just had enough, I needed to know I wasn’t out of my mind. So he and I both took the drawing and went to knock on her door. She opened the door and I told her I needed to talk. She made us coffee and we sat on her porch. I showed her the drawing. She took a quick glimse at it and slammed it down on the table. She closed and opened he eyes then looked at the drawing again. Her face went pale and all she could say was “you are NOT crazy”. Thats when she took us to her computer room to show us some “private” photos of a home investigation she and her paranormal crew did. She showed us pictures and explained that in the picture was the residents of a home that had multiple demonic apparitions present. It’s residents would witness objects being thrown and what not. Her and her team did a cleanse of the home and burned alot of items from the home as well. In the pictures were mutiple figures with the most similar faces as the ones I have seen. I was in shock, to say the least. Her home was cleansed before I moved in so she couldn’t understand how it made contact with me. She also mentioned that because I was so close to where it all began, they have a sense on those things and track you. In her opinion, my situation didn’t make sense. She mentioned the name of the demon which I can’t seem to remember, she said that they are possesive of people and objects yet she couldn’t comprehend why these things never attacked or threatened me. She said it was as if they were watching over me, which is pretty scary to think about.

The night after, she began a tarrot reading on me and couldn’t by any means read my cards. She said that she has never experienced that before. It was also mentioned that I may have a rare third eye. Though I would like to learn how to use it I can’t seem to find anyone willing to guide or show me how to. Since the tarrot card reading she has never mentioned my situation again. I have tried contacting her but she has never gotten back to me on the subject. We still talk but when ever my past experiences are brought up everything goes silent between her and I. I have had so many more experiences with the paranormal and apparitions and I always get a strange sense of becoming someone else and experiencing their pain or how they passed etc.”

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