Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto – Haunted Toronto Database

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Type: hospital, still in use
Built: n/a

We have received three reports about this location…

The following report was sent into our website by Deborah on May 27, 2013:

“I am 62 years old and for some reason today a memory came into my mind that I had long ago forgotten. It was in the 1970`s and I was a nurse at The Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto. I remember taking an elevator that was a lone elevator and not often used. I remember someone (man`s voice) talking to me and really scaring me. He was actually quite mean to me. I remember hoping each time I took it, perhaps he would not be there but he was. Not if others took the elevator with me though. I remember not telling anyone since I was convinced they would never believe me. Today I am really trying to remember because I think for sure it was a spirit (ghost) and I have a feeling I was being pushed around in the elevator, even lifted up near the ceiling and put back down. I remember it was a man`s voice and it was clear he was very mean and he hated me. I am not sure how many times I took this elevator but I think I kept taking it because it gave me a shortcut out of the hospital after my shift. I think each time I put it right out of my mind since I would never be able to prove it and I was so scared. Some of the old parts of the hospital still exist but I am really trying to remember exactly where this elevator is. I wish I could go under hypnosis to get details. I wonder how many other people had the same experience as me.”

UPDATE: the following report was sent into our website by Alew on April 22, 2014:

“Just more of a comment, the elevator at sick children’s hospital that was mentioned is the black wing elevator, it has a very heavy atmosphere, and is in the old hospital area.”

UPDATE: the following report was sent into our website by Laurie on Feb 26, 2015:

“I was reading the story about the man in the elevator at Toronto Sick Children (Sick Kids) and I have a similar story. My daughter had to see her neurologist in 2010, at Sick Kids. My brother was with us and he is a “big kid” and always joking around. To lighten a very difficult day, he asked my daughter if she wanted to go in the elevator with him and they would have me take a funny picture on the way down (the elevator is glass so you can see who is in it). I waited down below and before the elevator stopped, I took a photo of them with my digital camera. I was shocked when I looked at the photo. Behind my daughter appeared to be “death” in a cloak with long fingers going over her shoulders. I thought I was just seeing things so when she asked me if she could see it, I hesitated, but eventually showed her. She immediately said,”OMG mom, look behind me!” My brother brushed it off, but neither of us, to this day, will bring ourselves to look at it.”

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