True Ghost Story: Holograph Lady

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The following report was sent into our website by Angel on Dec 20, 2012:

 “My mom always used to tell me that at night plants are asleep, so you should never ever pluck flowers at night or it will disturb them. But being just 5 yrs old I didn’t think much of it. I plucked a flower at night from near my aunt’s house, which was nearby and then went to my house and slept. At around 3 am I woke up and went to the washroom. As I was about to go back to bed I saw a women and a husband appear on the wall near my bed. I kept looking at them cause they both looked like a very pretty young couple with nothing scary about them. Then suddenly the guy who was holding the women’s hand left her and went outside the window. The women began crying and then went out my bedroom. Suddenly 30 miniature holographs of that women started walking on my whole body. They were weightless and were not hurting at all but then too i could see that women. Walking all over me. Crying. I was scared out of my wits. I told my mom. Literally screamed. She was more freaked out then me. She called my aunt as she was the nearest relative leaving near us. Her husband who is kind of a mosque’s priest understood what I said. He gave me a charm and as soon as I wore it my ‘Holograph lady’ who was really well groomed and good looking for a ghost started disappearing one by one and then was gone.

To this day when I ask my aunt and mom about that night they say nothing like that ever happened. But then how will they explain me that charm still kept in my cupboard door?”

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