True Ghost Story: Who Was That At The Door?

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The following report was sent into our website on June 22, 2012:

“I was at my cousin’s one night in winter time of ’09 visiting on Magnus just off Arlington Street. We were sharing a cigarette so I took seconds and he went back to the living room. Our younger cousin, who was about 9 at the time, came to visit my older cousin’s kids. I came back in from the garage and there was this lady, looked really drunk and kind of rubbyish with dirty clothes. So I thought she must be here to pick up my cousin to walk her home. But when I started walking toward her to take off my shoes she started laughing at me in a real low creepyish way. She looked confused as I walked away, like she didn’t know where she was. So I just brushed it off because I knew she was drunk, and went to the livingroom and forgot to take off my sweater. So I went back to put it on the rack, and as soon as she saw me again she looked frightened and started reaching for the door knob in a staggerish way. So I locked the door and went back to the livingroom and said “who was that at the door?” My cousin sayed “who?”. I said “that old drunk woman at the door. Is she picking “lil cousin” up?” It took him a minute to think, and said “lil cousin” left 30 mins ago. My first thought was oh crap some drunk lady came into here. So we went outside to see if she was still there, but no one. No one’s tracks but “lil cousins” leaving because it just snowed awhile ago and her tracks were a quarter filled already. That’s when chills went up our backs because if that lady went back you would have seen her staggering drunk snow tracks.

I heard there was some more stories about the back room as well, but that was my experience. Haha I was really freaked out about the walk home. Though after that I had to catch the last bus at 12:30 and walk down a dark country like alley once I got to my ends.

So lock your doors because you don’t ever know “WHATS” gonna come in..”

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