True Ghost Story: Harrassing Dark Silhouette

True Bolton ghost stories – ghost report from Ontario, Canada sent into our website by Nikki.

Location: Bolton, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Nikki on April 8, 2012:

“All my life I believe I have been aware of ghosts. I can tell you countless stories of what happened but there is one that shakes me to my core whenever I think about it. It only ended recently because I took matters into my own hands, but I had been going through this for a few years.

You see I had moved down into my sister’s old room, and my mom had built a wall to separate the room from the storage space, so there was a small hallway near the back of the room.

When I first moved down there with my other sister everything was fine, but there was something off about the room. It was very cold, much colder than the rest of the house and no matter what we could never get it warmed up.

There was also a very uneasy feeling in the room, I never wanted to be in there unless it was absolutely necessary. I tried to ignore it and put on a brave face, but soon I started to see something, a silhouette of a man, just a simple shadow standing at the beginning of the hallway.

I thought it was just my imagination. Tried to pretend I was just being a baby, and I would roll onto my side and close my eyes and fall asleep. This man, however, stood in that exact spot every night, looking at me. Just looking. Nothing more.

Over the summer my cousin had come over to visit and was going to be staying the next few weeks. The first night she was here, five minutes after we had turned off the light to go to bed, the man appeared but not in the hallway like usual, beside my bed, standing over me.

I could feel the anger from him and I was terrified. He wanted to hurt me and I knew it, but he couldn’t for some reason.

My cousin called my name and asked if I could see it. I said yes but I told her to go to bed. When I turned away from him I started to hear a voice in my head, telling me to turn around but I refused and ended up falling asleep.

This happened every time someone came over, although a majority of people could not see it. It continued over the next year and by then I had had enough of him.

I was planning on going to a store to by sage to get rid of this thing that was haunting me. After all, he only used to appear during the time when it was dark but he was appearing when the lights were on too and that made me feel like he was getting too comfortable.

As soon as I started thinking about getting rid of him, he started to do things he never did before. I could feel him lie down beside me, play with my hair. He’d whisper things in my ear and then push me slightly whenever I would try to roll over to where he was in a sad attempt to try and make him leave.

One night I saw him above my bed and I hid under my covers. He ripped them off and I started to cry. I could hear laughter and a deep voice saying “poor girl” over and over. I tried my hardest but I could not fall asleep that night. The next day I went and got the sage. I burned it in my room but not around my whole house.

I haven’t seen him in my room since but he is still somewhere near me. I can tell.

I used to have a constant nightmare about a dark silhouette attacking me. But he never spoke. Only after he was out of the room did I realize it was him in the dream. He spoke to me, told me I wouldn’t be able to get rid of him forever, he would always come back and I know that is true, but I also know he does not have the power to hurt me, unless I am afraid, and I am not anymore.

Whatever this thing is, it is going to follow me wherever I go. I wish it could be my imagination but it’s not.

My family has seen him and so have my friends. He is as real as can be and I’m probably going to be stuck with him for the rest of my life.”

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