True Ghost Story: She Was Curled Up On The Couch

Location: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Ferris on March 31, 2012:

“I had recently moved back to Prince Albert to live with my family again. During my time away, my brother’s wife’s sister had hung herself. I went for a visit not knowing this information at the time, expecting to have a few drinks with my brother. I went into his basement and was a little concerned about my surroundings because of how scary the basement looked. As I sat in the basement alone I started to think who would sleep in this room? Because of the holes in the walls that were all around, and because the room was located in the middle of the basement and had only one light that worked which was in the room. I began to feel like I was being watched and started to think what if? So I called for my brother and he finally came down laughing because he forgot I was in town. I asked him whose clothes these were scattered across the basement floor and who slept in this room. He replied ” My wife’s sister.” and left it at that.

We went back upstairs and continued to drink and catch up with our lives. My brother, as drunk as he was, went to bed in the room and left me to my own company in the living room. As I was falling asleep I had started to think of that basement and how freaky it was. Ignoring my thoughts I tried to sleep. But as soon as I shut my eyes I heard a woman whisper into my ear “I’m sorry” followed by the sound of someone being choked. I jumped up and called for my brother but had no reply, so I put up my hood and rolled over on the couch and forced myself to sleep not believing what I had just heard.

The next morning my brother asked if I called his name and I said “Yeah” explaining what had happened. He was shocked and finally told me that his wife’s sister had hung herself and that she slept in the basement. I had met this woman once before so I knew how she looked and was shocked to hear of her death.

About 3 weeks went by and I had convinced myself that what I heard could not have been real. I was visiting at a friends about 2 blocks away from my brother’s house. I had once again had beers with me and wanted to go for a drink at my brother’s. So I started walking up towards his house from the back alley and noticed that the kitchen light was on. I assumed someone was home and walked up to the door and let myself in. At first I looked down at the floor and did not see any shoes at the door-way, because of the door being open it did not seem weird to me at first.

I sat down in the kitchen and turned on the radio and cracked a beer. After a moment of sitting there expecting my brother to come greet me I started to call for him to come out of the room. No one answered, so I walked to his room expecting to see him sleeping but no one was there. I started to call for his wife but had no reply. I walked past the bathroom towards the living room where I heard the voice and started to think why is the door open and no one home? As I entered the living room I saw what looked like a woman curled up with her arms around her legs and head down, at the end of the couch. At first I thought my brother and his wife had got into a fight and she was crying. I asked her whats wrong? no reply. I had called out her name 3 times. No reply. Then I started to think of the girl who killed herself and as I did that the girl slowly lifted up her head and we locked eyes. At that moment I knew who she was.

I was frozen in fear but forced my body to run through the kitchen pushing the table and chairs out of my way heading out the door. As I was running through the back alley I looked back and saw the kitchen light go out. I ran to my aunty’s bare-foot and went to bed right away and did not say a word when she asked me “What’s wrong?”

2 Days later I got a call from my brother asking me if I broke into his house and in reply I said “No…..did you find my shoes?” He said “Yeah.” “Did you find your kitchen a mess and beer on your floor?” “Yeah.” I then asked him “Did you lock your door before you went out and shut off all the lights?” and his answer was “Of course I did we went for a trip to B.C for a week.”

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