True Ghost Story: A Little Girl And Her Mother

Location: Mattawa, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Corrie on July 5, 2011:

“My husband and I were visiting my sister in Mattawa. We’ve been there several times but this time was different. This time we brought our camper with us because they had visitors over for my brother in law’s 40th birthday and Canada Day. My husband stayed up late the second night we were there and when walking back to the camper he saw a bright light and an apparition of a little girl and her mother. He says he felt something weird the night before but didn’t want to say anything to me. The little girl was trying to say something to him, he couldn’t understand what she saying. So now I can’t help but wonder what happened to this little girl and mother, were they looking for help??? I want my husband to go back and see if can pick it up again…”

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