True Ghost Story: Entity Appearing on Webcam

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Liliana on May 22, 2011:

“I had the chance to record a voice talking to me on a video call conversation that I had yesterday with a friend over the internet, we were talking normally when a distinctive third voice started to talk in the background. It sounded like roaring, screaming, and talking very angry to us. It mentioned my name, and constantly said things like “get out of here”, “get out”. And when I asked his name he answered “John”. But what spooks me the most is that I asked “why should I leave?” and he said “kill you”.

Everything started about a year ago when I decided to “play” with a type of electronic Ouija board and odd events started to happen like the faucet in the bathroom has been running full blast 3 times and 2 other people have witnessed this. Besides I live with my boyfriend and he has witnessed all these odd events like the TV, a fan and the dishwasher turning on by themselves.

As well, different people have seen on my webcam broadcastings “someone” standing behind me looking at me but I don’t see no body but they do. They have described 3 different people, one a man that resembles a dead friend of mine, also a “bald” man and a woman. All the sightings are from people who are looking at my broadcast on the internet but I have never seen it myself.”

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