True Ghost Story: Someone Hiding Under the Stairs

Location: Penticton, British ColumbiaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Shane on Sept 23, 2010:

“I was living at a complex in Penticton in 2008 that I soon found out was haunted. My fiance and I were told by a neighbor that 2 years before, two doors down, there was a 10 year old boy who hung himself in his bedroom. And that her 3 year old daughter is always seen talking to “herself” and when asked who she is talking to she says “the neighbor boy”. I didn’t really believe this only because it sounded so far fetched and it is possible she just had an imaginary friend. As the months went on we started noticing some weird things happening. One of these things was that everytime we were carrying our 8 month old daughter up the stairs to go to bed we felt like something was following us close up the stairs, sometimes even feeling like someone was putting their hand on our shoulder to steady themselves. It was an eerie feeling that would force us to get up stairs a little quicker.

Another thing that started happening shortly after was that it felt like someone was hiding under the stairs looking at us. I started to get a little freaked out so I asked my friend (who lived in this exact unit before me) if he ever noticed anything about this unit. He said ” yah man that place is haunted bro!” I kinda got a little weirded out by this so I looked into this story of the 10 year old boy a little more.

I found out that there was in fact a 10 year old boy who hung himself in the complex, but not 2 doors down but in MY UNIT!

I also found out that my neighbor who told me about this, her oldest daughter used to play hide and go seek with the neighbor boy when they were younger and his favorite place to hide was under the stairs.

After finding out all this information I started talking to people about it. Turns out after I started talking about it with people, whoever would come into my house felt a pressure in their head until they would leave. This was an old house so it could have been carbon monoxide or any thing else, but then I started getting head aches. And I was 23 at the time and they were so bad I would be laying on the ground screaming in pain and crying.

After numerous trips to the hospital and getting scans done to see if there was something in my head putting pressure on my brain with NO findings I have to believe it had something to do with this house. So we had a team of people come into the house and check for carbon monoxide emissions as well as a number of other things that could have been causing pain and head aches in people and the findings were none.

I have a close friend who claims to be a “medium” and I had him come into the house and he said there was much more going on than I thought, but he could not pin point it.

So I figured I would look into the history of this place some more. What I found was more than “eerie”.

Turns out the reason the ten year old boy hung himself in the house was his dad used to beat his mom so severly that one time she did not wake up after being knocked unconcious. So the dad ate the barrel of a 9mm pistol, leaving the son to fend for himself for 3 days before the son hung himself after getting no help from the police locating his mother or father. Instead of being put into a foster home his “aunt” came to stay with him.

Could not tell you if it was the child hurting us or the father but I will tell you one thing, this is one house ColdSpot should investigate.

This story seems really long and there is so much more I could add to this story. Other things that happened like doors locking from the inside while I was out having a smoke or windows slamming closed. Wires that were hanging out of the wall (cable cords, the layout of this house was weird) swinging randomly in the winter when NO windows were opened, so many different things.”

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