True Ghost Story: Black Shadow

Location: Magog, QuebecCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Natacha on Sept 21, 2010:

“I’ve had many different experiences, I’ll only say my most clear experiences. When I was around 10 years old I went to my great-grandmother’s house to visit. I saw my great-grand father in the living room, he died the year before. He looked like skin and bones and he was looking at me. I’d look away and look again, but he was still there for maybe 10 minutes.

Me and my mom experienced many things at an apartment that I later learned those living there before played Ouija. A baby crying could be heard, while there was no baby at all in the block. I also had hallucinations. Like a doll walking out of my closet to my bed then went back to my closet, but I didn’t have any dolls at 11 yrs old.

I also got woken one night because my heater went on in the middle of summer. I went to the living room where there was light, I saw my father at the computer at the very far end of the living room. As I was getting closer to him the more he was shrinking until he totally disappeared.

Then around 25 yrs old, I was with my cousin and we arrived home where a girl living with us had been doing tarot and her cards were bad. Suddenly a black shadow mass went right between us. We tried to put it out of the house. We were about 30cm to the wall when the girl got totally pushed into the wall. As it happened we felt a cold wind breeze come to us.

Then around 26 yrs old, I was half asleep and I felt hair touching my arm and a soft young voice say something in my ear, but didn’t understand what it said. Then I felt the hair again on my arm like if the person backed away. Then the same night or the night after, twice I heard my name getting almost yelled in my bedroom. I woke up sitting straight up. Those voices happened for about 2-3 days in a row. I was sick of it so I said, “come to me when I’m awake, but quit yelling while I sleep”. Then I didn’t hear any voices for months, but it still happens once in a while.

I’ve had more experiences, but these are the most memorable.”

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