True Ghost Story: The Walls Turned Green

Location: Edson, AlbertaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Emily on May 30, 2010:

“I was sleeping peacefully one night a while back, we had just moved into our new house and I had finally gotten my own room. So I was asleep on my right side with my head and stomach against a wall (this is important) I heard heavy breathing and woke up instantly, I glanced to my door. It was still closed and locked. Well I was hoping it was locked, I couldn’t tell from there. So I stood up, I had always been interested in the paranormal, but it never occurred to me that this could be related. When I was walking towards the closet, I had a strange almost sinking feeling, and I was almost suffocated. Then the closet door opened and I was watching it while I could barely breathe, and my room smelled like gun-power almost. Almost a mixture between the powder and cigar smoke. I passed out there and I woke up at about 3 AM. So I went to get a drink thinking it was all a dream, when I walked into the kitchen, I saw something sitting on the counter. I wondered why I hadn’t seen it in the day-light. I walked over and picked up the small object, and I looked it over. It was a picture of a boy no older then 19 in army uniform. The back of the frame (which looked ancient) read “1896-1915 Raymond Roy”. I wasn’t exactly scared, my family, as Irish as we are, had a ton of military connections. I put down the picture and went back to bed, forgetting about the water.

I asked my mother the next morning why we had the picture, and then described it. She told me she had never seen it before. The next day, (Monday) I got on my bus and we turned the corner and saw a man, about 6′ or more. My walls were green and my curtains wide open, and this shadow of a man with a hat on…..The thing that gets me is, my walls were painted white and my curtains closed and my lights off when I had left my house that morning. My sister, whom was sitting beside me saw it too. Think what you want but I think I know what it really was.”

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