True Ghost Story: Father Gives Warning

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Anne on January 20, 2010:

 “When I was a teenager, in 1986, my mother, sister and I were talking and reminiscing about my aunt who had recently passed away from cancer at 33. Suddenly, we heard what sounded like a clicking noise coming from our dining room, next to the kitchen where we had been speaking. Upon investigating where that sound had come from, we discovered that it had been the glass cabinet door (the clicking was the sound of the magnet releasing and allowing the door to open by itself) of our dining room cabinet, where we had stored a framed photo of my deceased aunt, and which just happened to open itself. This would have been or should have been impossible to happen as you would need to use some strength in pulling it open, due to the magnet that locks it in place.

Second significant experience occurred in 1995, approximately 3 months after my father’s unexpected death. My mother had entered into a relationship rather quickly with a man whom basically no one in the family nor group of friends liked, due to the fact that he was controlling and alienating her from her friends. Rarely had I ever had dreams of my father, especially ones where I could actually speak to him or he to me. In this dream, however, my father appeared to me in the home that we had lived before he passed away (but I had married and was living elsewhere, just having had my first child at this time). In the dream, I was in what was my old bedroom, next to what was my parents. My father appeared in the hallway, beckoning me to come with his hands, and he was peering into his bedroom. He wanted to show me something. What he showed me was my mother, lying in bed, with the phone on the nightstand next to her, and she was reading a newspaper. Suddenly, the man she was involved with at that time, had been standing over her, pulling her head up from the pillow and slapping her face. And that was the dream.

I woke from it, mentioning it to my husband in passing only because of the rarity of having dreams of my father (especially where we could communicate) and pretty much forgot about it until an incident occurred one evening when my husband and I had gone out for dinner approximately 3 weeks after this dream. I was absolutely stunned, to say the least, as what occurred that evening was precisely what my father had been showing me in that dream…only the circumstances around the incident was unknown in the dream.The police had become involved and the man was arrested for assaulting my mother, went to jail, and that was the end of him!”

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