True Ghost Story: Tall Black Shadowy Figure

Location: Kendal, SaskatchewanCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Lyn on December 23, 2009:

“My stories are about a newer home in small town Saskatchewan. All of the following stories happened in this home.

An old boyfriend of mine had bought a home in the country. As soon as I walked into this home I was drawn in, not by the house itself but by the presence I felt the moment I walked in. The incidents with the spirit(s) of this house started out very small. Lights turning off and on, feeling a presence watching you and cold drafts of air. They began to progress the more time I spent in the home.

1. I was in the bath just relaxing on a cold Sask day. My ex was in the basement at the time in his pantry where he kept all of his vegetables that he was growing for winter. At first I heard light whispering coming from the hallway outside the bathroom door but I played that off as maybe him being upstairs. Then I heard very faint singing which proceeded to get louder and louder, the voice sounded female. Then I heard what seemed to be a male’s voice yelling very muffled to me from the basement, thought I heard my name. I yelled back, both the singing and the yelling stopped. Then the pipes began to bang. After a few more minutes in the bath, I got out to find out where my ex was at. He had been in his pantry the whole time and promised to me he hadn’t been singing nor was he calling for me. He specified to me that he hadn’t spoken at all while he was downstairs.

2. My ex and I were on the couch in the living room. We were sitting on the couch together on the very far right. No music or tv on, just talking. We heard a bag rustling right at our feet. Looked down, no bag, looked at each other then proceeded to search the room for a bag. The only bag in the living room was in the very far left of the living room very far away from where we were sitting. No animals were in the home either.

3. I was staying at the house for a couple days so I took my cat with me. He’s moved around lots and is very adaptable to new surroundings, he hated this house. He was always on edge, his tail was always puffed up and his back was continuously raised for the first day. We had a bonfire the 2nd night, so many people coming and going. I instructed our friends to make sure the door was closed at all times tightly as we didn’t want mice in the house and my cat is an indoor cat and declawed so I didn’t want him outside. We were all gathered around the fire and one friend, Logan, came from inside, counted everyone around the fire and said “ok… everyone is outside here?” to which I replied “yes”. He then proceeded to tell me he could hear very happy loud whistling coming from the house while he was inside and was confused because we were all outside. I went into the house to investigate and found my cat missing. We found him at 4am wandering the town. Now this might not seem like much of a story, but my cat is too scared to go outside, “ever”!

4. This last story is the freakiest of all my encounters with the spirit(s) of that house. I awoke in between 3a.m and 4 a.m to use the washroom. There were 2 entrances to the washroom, one through the master bedroom where I was sleeping, and the other in the hallway. I usually went through the bedroom entrance, but this night for some reason I decided to go through the hallway. I opened the bedroom door only to see a tall black shadowy figure (about 6’5″ to 7′) floating at least a foot off the ground, moving from the kitchen to the living room. MY blood ran cold, I closed the door and sat in the bed with the light on for an hour.

There were other things that had happened in this house as well, but these were the main 4 that stuck with me. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy my scary experiences! :)”

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