True Ghost Story: Man Sitting Next to the Lamp

Location: Forest, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Jessica on November 1, 2009:

“When I was younger, up to the age of 9, I would visit my grandparents for most of the summer. They lived in a big red brick house on Broadway. My mom told me it used to be a brothel. I’ve been told a few people have died there. My mom said someone she knew, I think she said he was her ex-boyfriend, hung himself in the basement apartment of the house (the house was divided into 3 apartments). A girl had a seizure in the bathtub in my grandmother’s apartment, the bathtub was still there. It was an old claw foot bathtub. My great grandmother also died of old age in the house. My grandmother’s house has a lot of cold spots. Like you could be walking through a room and hit a really cold spot just randomly. I remember taking a bath and sometimes the water would go ice cold for a few minutes when it was warm to begin with. At night you could hear the floorboards creaking as if someone is walking on them. One time when I was sleeping I woke up because I felt like someone was staring at me. There was a dresser at the end of the bed with a large lamp on it. There was a man sitting next to the lamp with his leg crossed over his other leg. I thought it was my grandfather but when I called to him he said nothing. So I got up and ran to my grandparents’ room and slept with them that night.”

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