True Ghost Story: Sally Watches Over Family

Location: Milton, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Jackie on October 29, 2009:

“Before I was born my father was married to a nice woman I will call Sally, they eventually had a child named Luke. When Luke was six his mother (Sally) was raped and killed. Years later, my dad married my mother and had me and my sister. When I was 8 Sally appeared on my dad’s balcony, when he woke she was standing there and slowly got closer to him.

Also, when Sally was little she had a yellow boom box and my dad had saved this after she passed and put it in my brother’s closet. One day my mom heard a noise coming from downstairs and as she opened my brother’s bedroom door the noise got louder. She called Luke in and asked if his radio was on, he said no and looked in his closet. His mother’s (Sally) uncharged, boom box with no batteries was turned on to Luke’s favourite song. This wasn’t even possible because the boom box had no devices in it to have started.

One night my sister had woken up after hearing her tv, she looked into the hallway because she had to go to the bathroom and saw a shadow of a woman on the wall. My door was slightly opened and my sister said the shadow was watching me sleep. It walked away when my sister made a noise. I had to go to the bathroom so I got up and heard my sister screaming my name and I ran into her room, she was sitting on her bed drenched in tears saying something was staring at me while I was sleeping. It creeped me out so I slept in her room for the next three nights.

It didn’t show up again until 2 weeks later when I was on the computer in the office. I looked up at my bedroom window through the office window, a woman in a white dress was staring back at me through my bedroom window. After a couple minutes it walked away and never showed up again. Though strange things have happened, we know that it was only because my brother’s mom (Sally) wanted to see her family again. Other occurrences have happened, scarier ones that weren’t Sally. They follow us sometimes and we don’t know why, but we hope we find out soon.”

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