True Ghost Story: Apparition Wearing a Tux and Dress Shoes

Location: Winnipeg, ManitobaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Robin on February 4, 2009:

“I was working on an essay for school at 7:30 PM when I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard a whispered “1886 not 1986”. Then another night at 12:00 AM I woke up and my TV was on and I saw a big shadow in the form of a very stocky man on the wall, my parents were asleep, it just faded away and I heard “thunk thunk” as he walked away. But the funkiest thing ever in this house was when my dog Scamp was sitting down in the middle of my living room whining so I look behind me and that weird guy is there, not a shadow but himself wearing I think it was a derby a tux and dress shoes, he winked at me and started walking towards me and I’d been staring I was tired and my eyes hurt so I blinked and as though I’d been hallucinating he was gone.”

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