True Ghost Story: Toy Missing Batteries Moved On It’s Own

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website on November 7, 2008:

“I live in an apartment and my brother from Montreal was visiting me. About 3:00am I walked by my step son’s door and heard this fire truck sound. My step son was not home that night. I opened his door and saw the lights going off, the ladder on it going up and down, and side to side, and I saw it trying to move. The fire truck has no batteries in it and hasn’t been played with for 3 years. I called my wife, my brother and his wife to come see and they all saw the fire truck doing freaky stuff. But the strange thing is my son is 12 years old and for about 4 years he has been saying he’s been seeing stuff in his room. I didn’t believe him because I didn’t really believe in the paranormal.

And one time his aunt came over to babysit him, before we left he said he heard an old fashion bell ringing. Our next-door neighbours moved out a week before and they didn’t have an old fashioned ring tone, neither did we. We opened up our room and nobody was in it and it got louder and louder than became DEAD silent and more stuff after that.”

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