True Ghost Story: Cottage Ghost Follows Her Home

Location: Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Karin on Aug 23, 2006:

 “We (my mom Maria, my stepfather Jerry, and me Karin) once lived in a cottage north of Sauble Falls, Ontario. The cottage has since been torn down. Anyway, the cottage was haunted by two children and a dog. When mom and I would sit down to watch TV the kids would sit beside mom, and the dog would lay at my feet. They just became part of our family. We didn’t set out dinner plates or anything like that, but we just let them be.

One time after Christmas, we had the lights on on our tree while we had a snack and watched our show. Mom told me to turn off the lights on the tree, suddenly the tinsel on the tree moved on one side. This is just one sample of our ghost children.

My mom has seen also a man walking down our lane and disappear, he walked with his head down. When he looked up and saw her, he vanished.

Even to this day, ghost come to my mom. The children did not follow us when we moved, but I swear sometimes I can feel the dog still with me.”

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