True Ghost Story: Green Orbs and Angry Poltergeist

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Kendra on Jan 27, 2005:

“My sister and her boyfriend were renting a small house in the Elmwood area when they noticed some strange occurrences. It began with hearing strange noises in the living room and bedroom. They had a dog who also picked up on these noises and was in turn, very nervous all the time. One night in particular my sister and her boyfriend were sleeping, he awoke to find himself being choked and pushed all the way down to the bottom of their water bed. He looked up and saw that the curtain beside the bed was up, stiffly bent at a 90 degree angle. He also saw greenish orbs floating above. My sister never heard or saw anything. On another night my sister was alone as her boyfriend worked occasional nights. She heard groans and, thinking it was the dog, went back to sleep. She realized though, that she had dropped off the dog for surgery earlier that day, so it was not the dog after all.

My sisters boyfriend would also notice glasses being moved from one end of the coffee table to the other, he would actually watch the movement.

Many other instances of paranormal activity occurred. After awhile, they happened to be cleaning up, they lifted the carpet to see a large hole had been cut away on the carpet below. They also took some wall boards down and found blood spatters.

They moved away quickly. I did some research some time later and found that a young woman had been murdered there, her boyfriend had slit her throat, and she lay bleeding to death for 3 days.

I should also mention that the electricity was always shorting out and flickering, and my sisters pets all died.”

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