Penetanguishene Ghosts: A Message From Murday

Location: Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Derick on January 30, 2014:

“A few months back, me and my dad were digging up a new foundation in the yard, while digging I noticed something in the ground. I went over to see and it was a cardboard box with the word “Murday” written on one of the top flaps. I didn’t tell my dad about it, instead I took the box and ran to my room. I sat down on my bed and opened the box, a huge chill ran own my spine as I did so, as if something was telling me that I did something wrong. When I looked inside there was just a lot of dirt inside, but then I noticed something sticking out I grabbed it and jumped out of my bed. What I grabbed was a dead bird. It’s head was missing and it’s wings were horribly mutilated.

I was getting really paranoid at this point and I felt like someone was in the room with me. I picked up the box and searched through some more, the feeling of some else’s presence getting stronger, as if it were coming closer to me. Searching through the box I found a note. It read, “My name is Murday, and I have buried this box and many other’s like it so my memory will live on inside them, if you are reading this please spread the memory of me, don’t let me fade away.”

When I finished reading this I could feel a cold grip on me, whoever this “Murday” was wanted me to spread his memory, and so here I am on this site telling you everything.

I feel that when I read the words Murday wrote, I needed to do something. I couldn’t just get rid of this box I found. I feel that Murday died without anyone knowing who he was or what happened to him. When I found his box I knew he was speaking to me, he wanted me to spread his memory, he was not about to die alone and unnoticed.”

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Penetanguishene Ghosts: Vanished Into Thin Air

Location: Penetanguishene, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Clara on Feb 22, 2011:

“I was working in this special care home in Penetang. I have a lot of stories about this house but I will just tell this one. As I was running down the basement steps to change the clients laundry over I ran smack dab into a ghost that was just coming out of the laundry room as I was going into it. This annoyed me because I was in a hurry. So I stopped and turned and said “for petes sake will you get out of my way, I’m in a hurry. So you just stay out of my way”. It was like looking at smoke. But once I said that it just vanished into thin air.

Now that night I did not think any more of this encounter, and I had sleeping quarters there because I was the night staff. As I was sound asleep around 2 a.m. I heard someone say in a very loud harsh voice say “Clara”. I jumped out of bed and went to the door, for I thought that one of the residents needed my help. No one was anywhere in sight. I went around and checked the whole house and every resident was in their beds asleep. So I went back to my room and lit my candle and said to whoever or whatever to leave me alone “I have to get up in a few hours and I’m going to sleep so get lost”. Then I went right back to sleep until 6 a.m.”

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Penetanguishene Ghosts: Mommy, Mommy

Location: Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Kelsey on August 25, 2009:

“After looking at many houses, my mom finally decided on a house to buy. I was six at the time of our move. Shortly after moving into this 150+ year old house, my mom was sitting in our living room reading, before she was going to head to bed. From the floor above she heard a little girls voice calling “Mommy, Mommy..” She ventured upstairs to make sure I was okay. Once she got to my bedroom she found that I was fast asleep. This happened almost every night, and still continues to happen very often.

As I grew up I witnessed different things. At the age of about 8-9 years old, I heard glasses clinking and a group of middle-aged men talking in our kitchen. I went downstairs, thinking that my dad had friends over. Once I got to the kitchen, it was completely empty and the lights were all off.

Once I was inside the house by myself, I sat at one end of my hallway where my computer was located. The top of the stairs came up to the opposite end of the hallway I was sitting at. While I was checking e-mails, I heard footsteps come up the stairs. Thinking it was my mom, I called to her. When there was no answer I walked to the staircase and looked down. No one was there, but the steps continued.

Over the years, I’ve seen a young girl about the age of 7-8 standing at the top of the stairs. She wears a bluish-gray dress, with a lacy shirt underneath. It comes around her neck slightly. She either wears her hair partially tied up with a bow or in braids. I’ve asked my mom about this apparition and we both describe her the same way. I’ve also seen a man standing in our laundry room in the basement, and my grandfather in this house. The spirits tend to play pranks on people in the house, because we would find flower pots moved around, glasses taken out of the cupboard. Once we even woke up in the morning to find a broken glass in the living room (adjoining the kitchen), when we looked in the garbage bin in the kitchen another glass was smashed and wrapped up in a towel. There are countless other stories, that would take too long to type, but those are some that stand out in my mind the most. Despite hearing voices, footsteps and seeing apparitions, it continues to be a home that is staying warm in my heart and my mom’s. I’m sure we will continue to witness things to happen in this strange household, but it’s all part of the charm of the house.”

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