True Ghost Story: Haunted Newly Built House

Location: McKerrow, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Brenda on September 29, 2009:

“My parents built us a large new house when I was about 13. We had lived on the land previously in a trailer since I was 3. The land itself has been passed down on my mother’s side for at least 2-3 generations. Now this stuff occurred when I was 17-18 years old. My mom was looking after my older sister’s daughter, my niece Sara, who was severely handicapped but the light of our lives. I would often hear heavy footsteps in the halls, on the main floor and upstairs when no one but me and Sara were home. Sara couldn’t move unless you moved her, she could not walk nor talk. We had no pets at the time, no explanations for that. One day the back of the washing machine broke, so to do laundry we would have to put the water hose directly into the tub of the washing machine to fill it, if you forgot you were running the water then you can over fill it and have a huge mess of water on the floor. Well a few times I turned on the water, and got distracted with something else, I would rush to the laundry room to find the water turned off… and no the water didn’t just run out, the water tap was turned OFF, and would be tight as well. I know I left the water on, it’s like something knew that I was busy and there would be a mess so it turned it off for me!!

At night, if you went to the bathroom, suddenly the light turned off on you. This was a new home, the wiring and the outlets were brand new! One night, I wasn’t in a good mood, so when the light turned off I said “That isn’t funny, I’m not in the mood tonight” and the light turned on.

Now for my bedroom, I would hate my door being open at night, so I would close it. It would bang open, I would get mad and get up and close it and lock it, jiggle it, and everything. Five minutes later, it would bang open again. Now my friend moved in with us, one night she was laying on the bed and this started to happen to her, I explained all the occurences to her, and she mentioned how she heard the footsteps in the halls, and was too freaked to tell anyone. She watched the whole door thing from the bed where she was laying. No windows open, no drafts anywhere, door locked and secured, and it would still bang open. Also sometimes a cologne smell would suddenly appear in my room, it seemed old-fashioned and very strong. Most occurences happened when I was alone in the house with Sara. With the exception of my friend who just witnessed some of it (including the laundry room thing).

After a while I couldn’t take it, and having my friend also hear and see and smell all that I had, I finally told my parents. My dad laughed which I expected, but my mom said she knew. She wouldn’t tell me what she experienced with the exception of one story. She said that once in awhile she felt someone sit on her bed beside her and pat her leg. She thinks it is her dad who passed away when she was 7 and they were close, the land was his. She said the first she remembered it happening was the night before she married my dad, it was like he was telling her that it was a good choice and he was happy and proud of her. My mom said to say nothing to my younger siblings because it would scare them. I agreed. The occurences eventually stopped becoming so prominate with me, and my mom thinks that it’s because we had boarders move in, and maybe it’s a family thing.

Well the story doesn’t end there, I came home one night to find my younger brother totally freaked out. He was sitting at the computer which is on the landing in between the main floor and the upper floor where my parents’ room is. You can see my parents’ door from the computer. He told me that he was sitting at the computer and heard footsteps start walking from my room all the way down the hall and up the stairs and past him, and up the next flight of stairs to my parents’ door, and then my parents’ door opened (it was closed) and started to sway open and close, slow at first and then faster and faster and then slammed shut.”

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True Ghost Story: The Phone Flew Out of My Hand

Location: McKerrow, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Melodie on April 14, 2009:

“My parents owned a business in town and we lived on top and in back of it. It was quite a big place. The hallway upstairs was more like a big sitting room. The stairs went up then turned to the right and there were railings all around them. There was a window on top of the stairs so you could see in the driveway.

My parents after they closed their store for the evening would go out for a coffee, this night was not any different. I was 16 years old at the time and I was talking on the phone to my boyfriend. The phone was on a long extension cord which was hooked up in the hallway and I had it running into my room so I could have privacy. I was in mid conversation with my boyfriend when someone or something tugged on the cord that was lying under my closed door. I told whoever it was ( I thought it was my father playing a joke on me) to knock it off. I then yelled a bit more angry when the cord was tugged yet again because it was actually ripping the phone away from my ear. Right after that I yelled and the phone cord was pulled so hard that the whole phone flew out of my hand and hit the bedroom door.

At this point I couldn’t believe my dad did that so I flung open the door and said “hey!” Well no one was there. I then told my boyfriend to hold a minute and went to the window above the stairs. The house was quiet, no lights were on downstairs and when I looked out the window my parents’ car was gone! I ran back to my room, jumped on my bed and told my boyfriend what happened. I got off the phone with him, waited until my parents came home and asked them when they left for coffee. They said right after the store closed, about 5 after 9. I then realized that of course I just had some kind of experience being as when this all occured there was no car in the driveway and well the time was 9:30 when I had my “visitor”.”

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