True Ghost Story: School Ghost Little Girl Crying

Location: London, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Hillary on March 15, 2007:

 “Hi I am telling you about a true story that happened to me. After school before a basketball game me and two others went to get changed. When we walked in it was like always. Then, over by the bathroom and showers it got really really cold. We started hearing noises, so we all sat in the corner to see what would happen next. Then there was three drips and there was three of us.

Later that night we went back in and the lights flickered on and off a few times and there was a scream. When I turned around my best friend was crying and she said she saw a little girl with brown hair she was about 4 feet crying and came right up to her. Just then it dripped again and just then shoes flew off the bench and we left. I never go in the change room and I heard that the water still drips for as many people that are in the change room.”

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True Ghost Story: Spirit Soothes Dental Patient

Location: London, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“I don’t know if this story qualifies but here it is. I had a dentist’s appointment in January of 2003, and had to get a tooth pulled. It was not a fun experience, for it was a little painful and afterwards at home {a few hours later} I was rinsing my mouth out with saltwater {sorry about details} in my tiny kitchen and I could feel someone beside me place their hand on my left shoulder.

Although there was no one there, I knew it was one of my spirits that visit me on regular basis. I turned and kinda looked in the area where one would be and said “I’m ok just rinsing my mouth out and hurting a little bit”. Who ever it was stayed for a few hours just to make sure I was all right. I thank them for looking in on me in a time of hurting. I find if you acknowledge the friendly ones they will be there for you in times of need.”

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