True Ghost Story: Mom I’m Home!

Location: Tillsonburg, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Kaydee on December 22, 2008:

“Okay well I lived in a farm house from when I was about 6 till I was 12. I remember the first time when we came to look at the house I was determined to go to the far bedroom. So I left my parents to go to the room, as I entered it felt really cold and it was in the middle of the summer, no air-conditioning no windows open, so I went to my parents again and I went back outside and waited in the truck.

A couple weeks later we moved in, I didn’t really pay attention to what happened before. Then one day I was on my way down the driveway coming home from the bus and as I was about to reach the house I heard this beautiful child’s voice say ”mom I’m home!” and I ran inside but didn’t tell my mom.

A couple months later I woke up around 3 am and noticed this really pretty lady with a dress twirling around so I blinked my eyes and then she was gone, and of course I didn’t tell my parents. A couple nights after I dropped my doll and left it there and I left the room, came back and it was standing up but my parents were outside so they couldn’t have done anything.”

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