Thorold Ghosts: May You Go In Peace

Thorold ghosts haunted paranormal Ontario Canada

Location: Thorold, Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Butch on May 3, 2015:

“Several years ago my Nonna passed away at 83 years old. She was a vibrant, hardy woman from Italy. She Passed from Cancer. I think I am the only one in my family that willingly speaks about spirits.

At a young age of 20, a complete stranger gave me a reading. It was of a friend who died in a motorcycle accident a year before in the same town of Thorold.This person giving me the reading lived in Oshawa, almost 150 miles away, and would not of known of him.

The experience with my grandmother was surreal. She had passed in the winter months, and I lived in Mississauga. So on the day she was to be buried, I had a long drive and to pass the time I thought about her a lot. The poor woman withered away. As I drove I remembered her on her death-bed. I was the last one of the family to be recognized by her. I kissed her, said a prayer with her, and left. Not to see her again until that day of the funeral, when the six grandsons were to be her pallbearers.

My Uncle, who was the care taker of the services in town, lived in town and offered me a room at his home for me to get changed for mass. My Grandmother had a small home with a bedroom upstairs, which had no door, and we were always told to ask before we were to go upstairs and ask if they were decent before we entered.

As I entered my uncle’s home, I went upstairs to the room she stayed in when she was too tired to go home. At that time when I entered the room, I closed the door, purposefully listened to the click of the door, and turned to get undressed. Just as I was about to unbutton my shirt, the door clicked open and I turned around to see who it might be. It opened just an inch, I knew I had closed it. So for a laugh I said out loud, “come in grandma, I am decent at this instant”.

I was shocked, but not scared, the door opened as if someone walked In and gently closed the door with an audible click. And suddenly, I felt from my feet to my knees to the top of my head a cool swirling light breeze that seemed to envelope me and then fly out a closed window just to the left of me. At that moment I said good-bye out loud to her and said, “I love you, may you go in peace“.

So, to say I believe in spirits, I would say yes. I have told this to several of my family, but they say I am nuts. But I know it was her saying good-bye to me.”

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True Ghost Story: One Last Time

Location: Thorold, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Andrew on Sept 23, 2013:

“When I was young, my grandparents passed away. I was lying in bed and saw them looking at me. I told my mom and her friend, but they thought it was because I read a scary book before bed. After the experience, I never saw my grandparents again. I believe my grandparents wanted to see me one last time before they went to the afterlife. I was too scared to tell anyone about this. I was worried people would think I was lying or crazy.”

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