Lewisville Ghosts: Grandma Comes To Visit Baby

Lewisville Texas ghosts haunted paranormal

Location: Lewisville, Texas, USA

Ghost report by Bonnie on March 12, 2015:

“My mother told me this story of when I was two months old. It was the summer of 78′ and I was the first-born child and my mother was very proud of her daughter. However she said that I was very independent from the start and didn’t care much for being rocked to sleep. So after she would play with me a while she would nurse me I would want my bassinet and pillow (yes I said pillow it WAS the 70’s and I did survive). But in my bassinet I would sleep contentedly until my next feeding.

Every morning around 7, after my dad would leave for work, she would move the bassinet into the living room and put it by the edge of the couch and after feeding me she would lay me down in the bassinet. She would turn the tv on PBS, but have the audio set to barely a mummer. She would then get cozy on the couch with me right at her feet and she would doze off herself as well, as most new mothers tend to do.

This morning was no different except that something that I feel was her mothers’ intuition woke her from her nap. She immediately looked towards the end of the couch where I lay asleep in the bassinet to see what she first thought was an intruder. She was so startled that at first she didn’t move. However this “intruder” didn’t move or make a sound, she was simply standing on her tip toes and smiling as she looked down to take a peek at the tiny baby girl fast asleep in the bassinet.

My mom, now realizing this was not an intruder, sat up and it was then the apparition looked for a second before turning her attention back at the sleeping baby. My mom was so scared at this point she layed back down, looked at the tv, and could remember Mr. Peppermint being on the television. She then looked again at the unphased ghost and realized for certain she wasn’t dreaming. She closed her eyes for what she said was a long time before opening them again.

Being she didn’t want anyone to think she was crazy or over stressed with a new baby, she didn’t tell any body for months. And finally one day when I was nine months old she told my dad about the smiling dark eyed gray-headed little old lady and in disbelief he looked at my mother and said matter of factly, ‘Honey, that was my mother…’

After all is said and done my mom still gets chills when thinking about my grandmother’s visit. I, on the other hand, smile to think that my grandmother would come to see her first grandchild. Maybe it’s the simple bond between us because I was after all named after her… Bonnie.”

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