Stirling Graveyard – Haunted Stirling Database

ghosts haunted paranormal Stirling Scotland cemetery graveyard

Location: Stirling, Scotland, UK
Type: graveyard
Built: n/a

Ghost report by David on March 31, 2015:

“I’ve never spoken of it, but about 6 years ago I entered a graveyard near Cambusbarron Stirling. I was trying to get an EVP, trying out my new ghost hunting equipment. There was a man standing at a grave stone, he looked at me and smiled. I thought to myself he must think I’m talking to myself as I never noticed him when I was doing the EVP. He walked along the path towards me, he was coming from my left. So feeling rather embarrassed I just started at the grave stone. I felt him right behind me so I turned around with a smile on my face. To my disbelief he was gone, as if he was never there.

Spirits are real. I’m not trying to convince anyone. I know what I saw and that’s all that matters!!”

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

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