True Ghost Story: Possession or Awakening?

Location: Pierrefonds, QuebecCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Tim on March 8, 2007:

“I had been doing a lot of writing about the present state of the Earth. Never really before interested in writing, I began to do research and putting my conclusions down on paper..I was alone in my room with the door deadbolted from the inside. I was alone. I hung my gold cross on a small shot glass and had my back to it standing up. I was considering renouncing my faith.. I was repeating all the negative things in my head remembering what lead me to this impass.. Out of nowhere the gold cross was thrown at my back and it fell on the floor at my feet. I picked it up, put it on and made sure I was alone.. “I was not scared at all” I pinched myself hard but there was no pain whatsoever.

I could also feel that reality around me was being perceived differently..That was the beginning of everything…I opened the door and went into the kitchen.. I had an open bottle of wine and took a glass full back to my room to take the edge off.. After I took just a few sips I started to feel like I was going vomit and I did.. I had to run into the bathroom and started being sick. After I finished throwing up I could not catch my breath, it felt like I was being choked..The seconds were adding up and all I could think of is I am going to die.. It lasted so long without being able to breath. While this going on I could feel the presence of another.. It felt like everything around me stopped..I felt nothing..

I went back in my room and put on my favorite NHL jersey and got the hell out of there. Thats when the voices started clear as day… Asking me question, telling me what to do… It was not stronger than me but it was definately not my own conscience. The voices of friends..The idea was to try to get me to believe an alternate reality and from that reality I would have to make decisions on where to go or what to do.

I made it about 40 km from my home…Then decided to go back home.. On the way home I happened to drive through a long tunnel and when I came out the other side the whole sky was white… Not daytime white… Moonlight white.. And all the other cars that were on the road had no voluntary brain activity.. The cars were just roaming off the road and hitting each other as if zombies were driving.. I drove through all the mayhem ffor about 3-5 minutes and then the Sun began to rise.. I can tell you that I have not been the same (physically or mentally) since that night.. I have changed so much..

There is about 6 hrs missing from the time I left the house to the time the Sun came up…

There are many memories from this night that I have not mentioned but the next day I had weird looking marks on my body.. about 5 of them.. 1 inch rashes started to appear..

I dunno, there are so many other variables that I have not mentioned… Anyhow…I am 100% changed.My physical abilities have increased and I look different. My weight has gone up but I look less fat. I feel like I know things before they are going to happen and I began understanding things about physics that I never learned before.. Although the experience was life changing I can’t help believe it was not negative demon but something else… Something for me to think about for the rest of my life…There is a lot more to this story…I remember everything like it was yesterday… What can I do except tell someone.. Thanks for listening.”

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